April 09, 2008

What the heck is going on here?

I flew to Vancouver today for a workshop that starts tomorrow. After a bit of Internet research, I decided to stay at the downtown Vancouver Sandman hotel, partly because of the hotel's proximity to where the workshop is being held, and partly because of the price ($50 less, on average, than other hotels in the area).

When I checked in earlier this morning, they upgraded me from a double bed to a king-sized bed. Just now, one of the hotel staff dropped by room and dropped off a gift basket. When I asked her why I was being given a gift basket, she didn't know.

I am impressed, but I'm also a little confused. What the heck is going on here?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they think you're your dad. Ha! Or maybe we're supposed to be on our honeymoon. Argh, why aren't I down there with you?!

Marian said...

I can guarantee your Dad didn't send it. Hope you had a good visit yesterday.......and, yes, why aren't Fawn and I in Vancouver with you both?

Meandering Michael said...

Turns out, it was just good customer service. I got a call from one of the managers later that day inviting me to call them and let them know how my stay has been.