October 18, 2006

Air Canada really listens to the concerns of their customers. Yeah, right.

If you haven't been following the continuing adventures of my Granny and our issue with Air Canada, you can catch up here and then here.

My Granny is now on her third of ten days of radiation treatment.

I just received a response from Air Canada regarding my last e-mail. I could tell right off the bat that the costomer complaints person read the letter and really took it to heart. Just kidding. I'm not even sure that the letter was even read. Here is Air Canada's response to my concerns:

Response (Twyla Robinson) - 10/18/2006 02:52 PM

Dear Mr. Pealow:

Thank you for the follow-up.

We understand your disappointment. However, our tariff, as filed with the Ministry of Transportation, indicates that Air Canada reserves the right to require a medical clearance from the Company Medical Authorities if travel involves any unusual risk or hazard to the passenger or to other persons. Our processes are in place for the comfort and safety of everyone involved.

We appreciate your feedback and we apologize for the impression you now have.

Twyla Robinson

Hmm, now maybe I'm missing something, but that didn't really seem to address any of the issues that I raised in my last e-mail...

Of course, I'm not wiling to let this rest until this problem is solved. I shudder to think that there will be other people who have this happen to them. But I sudder more to think that Air Canada doesn't seem to want to do a darned thing about it.

I sent the following reply:

I believe that you have completely missed the point of my concerns. I am not questioning Air Canada's right to require medical clearances; I AM questioning the manner in which it is done and how it impacts passengers who require medical clearance.

You claim that Air Canada's "processes are in place for the comfort and safety of everyone involved," yet those same processes endangered my Granny. How can you honestly make this claim?

Please re-read my previous response. If you are unclear about my concerns (the manner in which medical clearances are given and access to flights for passengers who require Air Canada medical clearance), please feel free to ask for clarification.

If, however, I do not receive a satisfactory response, I will be taking this issue to the Canadian Transportation Agency's Air Travel Complaints Program.

Am I out of my tree here? Is Air Canada in the right and I'm just complaining about something that shouldn't even be an issue?


Anonymous said...

You're right! Keep it up Michael. You're the voice for future passengers who may be at risk.
Granny can't be the only one who needed to travel to obtain the medical assistance required. If it weren't for your fight to get her home, who knows what would have thanks to Air Canada!

Anonymous said...

No, you're completely wrong. Air travel - in fact, business - is not about the customer. It's about making as much money as possible, which means covering your ass. Okay... sarcasm isn't working for me...

Take 'em Michael. For anyone else who ever has to go through what you went through.