October 19, 2006

Air Canada's responses fly a little quicker...

Does this message give you the impression that Air Canada just wants me to go away? Not going to happen. The more they dawdle on this issue, the more determined I get. In many ways, this is for their own good. As usual, my response is included, below.

Discussion Thread
Response (Twyla Robinson) - 10/19/2006 09:23 AM
Dear Mr. Pealow:

We regret you remain dissatisfied.

However, we believe we have responded to your concerns but we do appreciate your feedback. It has been documented and forwarded to the Medical Officer for internal planning considerations.

Thank you again for contacting our office.

Twyla Robinson

Wow! They forwarded this issue on to the Medical Officer (the only part of Air Canada that actually made an effort to help in some way)! Now, are we making Air Canada take "Baby steps. Little tiny baby steps...", or is Air Canada just trying to pass the buck and hope I'll go away?

Based on past experiences with Air Canada? I'm guessing the latter. My response:

Thank you for forwarding this case to the Medical Officer. I believe this is a positive step.

For my comfort, to ensure that this is not a case of "passing the buck", I would like to know if the medical officer has the authority to provide passengers requiring medical clearance priority access on flights. I would also like to know IF and WHEN I will be informed of any action or inaction on my recommendations taken by the Medical Officer.

If you are unable to provide this information, I would be grateful if you would forward the Medical Officer's coordinates to me.

And thank you for continuing to address this situation. I am sure that, in the future, passengers requiring medical clearance (and their families) will be grateful if Air Canada takes the actions I've recommended to ensure THEIR comfort and safety.

I'm pretty sure they'll respond. I think that, according to policy, they have no choice. But will they actually respond to my questions, or will it be an e-mail full of empty apologies (or just plain telling me to go away)?

Anybody want to bet?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I just had a flash forward, you sitting in a CBC studio on some forum hosted by Peter Mansbridge on the state of our airline industry and Air Canada. Keep going boy...keep going...

By the way, I've had some problems with Budget rent a car, maybe you could start a new career, Micheal- little guy who helps the little guy.

dogsled_stacie said...

And I have problems with every freakin' mechanics shop in this town!! I think you'd be a busy guy if you took on this new career.

But seriously - keep going and give it the good fight! It's interesting too, watching how they deal with you along the way here.

blank said...

I think you are doing a fabulous job with Air Canada. Please keep going and keep your readers posted as to the situation. It seems from the previous two comments, you could start a new career as a contract consultant of sorts?? Best of luck! cheers :o)