November 27, 2011

Walking into the Heart of Russia

This is the latest in a series of postings about my recent trip to Moscow as I get whipped along by a spritely, speedy tour guide. 

All roads in Moscow radiate from the Kremlin and Red Square. Some say that the Kremlin and Red Square is the very heart of all Russia. Indeed, many world-changing events have taken place here and it has since been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural significance.

 On one of the roads leading to the Red Square and Kremlin is another famous site, the Bolshoi Theatre.
Our van driver dropped us off across the road from the Bolshoi near a statue of Karl Marx. As zippy as ever, our tour guide sped off toward one of the entrances to Red Square.  We sped along behind her.

As we approached the entrance, we heard voices screaming over loudspeakers. It sounded like war-time propaganda. When someone asked, our tour guide informed us that it was other tour guides trying to attract customers.

Through the Iberian Gate (behind me in the above picture), we could see the cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed.
In a few short steps, we would be standing in the Red Square.


Fawn said...

Pardon me, but "spritely" IS an accepted alternate spelling. Totally seems to change the meaning for me, though. :)

Meandering Michael said...

She was also sprightly, but she was also small like an elf. I figured spritely would be more accurate in this case.