September 06, 2011

Evergreen Mountain

While in Ontario, I did a bit of exploring with my dad. My childhood memory bank is brimming with great adventures while exploring with my dad. I have no doubts about how I caught the exploring bug. Now, living so far away, we don't get to go exploring together like we used to - so I was glad that we got the chance when I was there.

He had his eyes set on Evergreen Mountain. At 417m (1,368ft), it's a high point in the Madawaska Highlands (and may be the high point, from what I understand). My dad had never been there, so of course he had to check it out.

And of course I had to join him.

We started off on an old forestry road, turned onto an old trapline, turned onto an old foot trail, made our way back to an old trapline (after walking through a patch of stinging nettle - ouch!), onto a different, forestry road, and onto a recently-cleared "road" (the purpose of which was not entirely apparent).

We came to a small, pretty lake. The rocks around the lake were not like most of the rocks in the area. They reminded me of the types of rock that might be found in a karstland.

There were some interesting rocks in the area and I really wished I knew more about mineralogy.

While I was staring at the ground, I noticed a teeeeeeny, tiny frog!

It wasn't easy to see the mountain through the trees. Fortunately, we found a way to get there and started making our way up along the ridge.

There were some amazingly-white quartz seams running along the mountain.

Evergreen mountain isn't much of a mountain by Yukon standards, but makes for a nice hike if you happen to be in the Madawaska Highlands.  There was much more to see, but we had to start back down.  Never via the same route, of course.  That just wouldn't work for my dad.  Or me.

We followed a little ravine that ran down the middle of the mountain back to our original trail. The colours in the ravine were fascinating.

On the way out, we passed by a wetland that we had passed on the way in. Beside the trail, I noticed that the water in the wetland was draining down into the ground and disappearing. The wetland is surrounded by rock on all sides. It was fascinating to watch. I'd love to know where that water ends up. I took some video of it which I may or not post some day. Maybe if I get enough requests...

On the drive home we saw a young buck, white-tailed deer...

... and a doe and a couple of fawns. Aww! Aren't they cute!

All-in-all, it was a successful afternoon of exploring. We made it to Evergreen Mountain, saw a tiny frog and some other wildlife, and were confounded by a mysteriously-draining wetland.

It's impossible to go for a hike with my dad without it being interesting.

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