May 07, 2011

The Faro Crane & Sheep Festival - Part 2

The day started off cold and cloudy and wet. There was an interpretive plant walk out to Van Gorder Falls and, in spite of the weather, we decided to go. I've never been to the falls. The last time I tried to go there, I was directed into the wrong valley and ended up on a lengthly (but still pleasant) walk into Faro's extensive trail network.

Bundled in our rain gear, Fawn, Jade, Halia, Nanuq, and I followed the large mob of people down the trail to the falls. The trail was narrow and patched with snow and ice. As a result, the group was strung out along the trail. When we were within hearing distance of the falls, the group stopped and word was passed down the line that somebody (not on the plant walk) had injured himself after slipping on an icy bit of trail.

The plant walk was over. Some of the participants turned back to town and some continued on to the falls. The tour guide went back to get assistance while a few of the tour participants stayed to help. I stayed to render assistance when I could, while Fawn and the kids continued on to the falls.

The man had dislocated his knee cap, or something along those lines. He wasn't a small guy and getting him back up the trail and into town wasn't going to be easy. Fortunately, the local paramedics had a nifty chair device that we were able to strap him into. With six people lifting and two extras rotating in to give two others a break, we were able to perform the extraction, though the puddles and ice and snow and narrowness of the trail didn't help any.

For a man who seriously injured himself and was in a great deal of pain, he handled it all with an incredible amount of grace and humour.

I still haven't seen Van Gorder Falls.

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