May 07, 2011

The Faro Crane & Sheep Festival - Part 1

Ever since I heard about it, I've been curious about the Faro Crane and Sheep Festival.  A festival for cranes and sheep?  Really?

When our friend Kara, generously loaned us the use of her house, we had no excuse BUT to go!

We stopped outside Faro at the rest stop.  It wasn't long before we started hearing the cranes, seeing masses of them flying through the skies.  They sound amazing!

It's incredible to see such big birds whirling through the skies.  Just seeing them flying overhead and I understood why the sight warrants a festival.  Pictures cannot do the sight justice.  I'll try to get some video.

There are a couple of stuffed cranes at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.  They're gorgeous birds.

Next up, I'll write about my attempt to see Van Gorder Falls and our afternoon trip to the Sheep Cabin.


allmycke said...

I love the way Halia stands there, just watching the birds.

taibhsearachd said...

The formations in which the birds fly are just amazing!