December 07, 2010

A man with a dream...

I know a man with a dream. Clare Kines from The House and Other Arctic Musings lives in Arctic Bay, Nunavut. His blog is all about life north of the Arctic Circle and through his blog he shares a little bit of Arctic Bay with all of us.

While many of us would love to get to the North Pole, Clare is so close. So, so close!

And yet he hasn't been there.

But that could change. Quark Expeditions is hosting a vote-driven contest where the person with the most votes gets to go. Clare ranks well. He is close. So, so close! But he isn't in the #1 spot. Yet.

Let's help this all-round great guy tick that box off of his bucket list. Please go to the Quark Expeditions contest site and vote for him.

He's so close! So, so close!

Let's send Clare Kines to the North Pole. He's a man with a dream.

Let's make it come true.


Clare said...

Wow thanks Michael. That was awesome of you to post that.

Clare said...

And just a small clarification. The contest is mostly vote driven, but not completely. The top five spots are looked at by a committee who then choose one of them to be awarded the trip.

Registering is really simple, and even simpler if you have a facebook account and then you can register with one click. People can vote for up to five entries, one vote per entry, per valid email address.