July 15, 2010

The Chair of Belated Warning.

Remember the Bucket... of DOOM!?

I have come across another seemingly harmless yet nefarious device - the Chair of Belated Warning!

The Chair of Belated Warning looks innocent enough - until you try to tip it forwards, backwards, or stand on in - then WATCH OUT!  Like some 18th-Century school marm (or my second grade teacher), the chair wants you to sit straight with your feet flat on the floor.  If you don't, the chair will fling you off.  Then, when you're lying on the floor, rubbing your tushie and/or your head, the chair will smirk at you, display it's warning label and say, "See.  I told you so." 

Fortunately, I have not had any problems with the Chair of Belated Warning (yet), but what does that say about our intelligence as a society that we feel the need to put warnings on chairs?

Even worse, what does that say about our intelligence as a society when we put warnings under chairs so they will only be noticed by:

  1. People who stack chairs upside down on a table (the only reason I noticed),
  2. People who crawl under chairs (for whatever crazy reason), and/or
  3. People who have already fallen off the chair?
Chair of Belated Warning, I don't want to sit on you anymore.  You make me nervous.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this is so the manufacturer will be protected from lawsuits if someone would crack their head open by falling off the chair...

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Much like the warning on a package of Q-tips at the hotel last weekend: "Cation - no not insert swabs into ears."

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Apparently I can't spell, either. CAUTION
and DO not, not no not!