July 22, 2010

If only I'd had a camera.

It was disappointing to not have a functioning camera while I was on the road. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the fantastic scenery, my impromptu (and muddy) adventure into Nahanni Butte, my time visiting with friends in Fort Liard, my return to the pools at Summit Lake, and so much more.

Fortunately, I ran into my friends Laureen and Melanie (who were also visiting Wrigley) and they were kind enough to loan me a camera for a couple of hours. I had a little time to spare before I had to leave to catch the ferry across the Mackenzie River, so I went to hide a geocache and hike to the nearby Smith Creek Falls.

I could have spent hours and hours and hours there, swimming in the tannin-filled, sun-warmed waters, hunting for fossils, and munching on a bounty of sweet wild berries. With every step I took up the creek bed I wanted to make make two more; every bend of this little river held new surprises.
Near the trailhead.

Looking downstream where the trail meets the creek.


A deep little whirley-pool.

The hot tub.

More falls?

Four falls.  How did that little one get down there?

Foam on the water.  Can it be possible that there are MORE falls?

That overhang looks interesting. What could be under there?


Should I head back now?  Nah, just a little bit further...
Mini erosion holes at yet...
More falls!

It was only then that I turned back, hustled back into Wrigley to return the camera, and made my way down the Mackenzie Highway to catch the ferry.

Oh, there were so many more things I would have taken pictures of if only I'd had a camera...

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