April 14, 2010

Facebook status updates that never were...

Facebook is blocked on the Internet connection that I'm currently using. Just for the heck of it, I've decided to keep an inventory of status updates that I might have made had facebook not been blocked.

8:45 - Wow. Who took a shower in their favourite perfume?

8:54 - Wow. Smells like a battle of the scents in here. Different perfume, equally strong. Who will in the war?

1:30 - Redacting. FUN!

1:32 - Still redacting. Still fun!

1:33 - Woah. I think this marker is getting to me.

2:22 - Hee. Hee hee! These markers are powerful!

2:23 - Woah! A Ptero-redactyl!

2:24 - Ouch. Headache.


Megan said...

You need Twitter. Or a smart phone.

Unknown said...

I second Megan's motion.

Meandering Michael said...

When they actually have decent coverage for the iPhone here at a price that is somewhat reasonable, I'll get one.

Until then, don't expect to see me on Twitter any time soon. Tried it. Didn't like it.