March 10, 2010

Old Crow: John Tizya Centre

Every visit to Old Crow should include a stop at the John Tizya Centre. It's not just the amazing and informative interpretive displays that make it worth a visit, it's the friendly people who work there, too.

An interpretive display outlining the lay of the land.

Ice-age bison skulls, beadwork, and ratting canoes - Oh, my!

Everything (that isn't behind glass) is hands-on. It's a great place for kids, too.

It's amazing the things you can learn here! Who knew that you could eat cave carrots to get your daily dose of iron and calcium!?

I'm not exactly "Mr. Fashion" but even I know that jacket's amazing. What incredible beadwork!

Speaking of incredible beadwork!

Custom headphones for those chilly winter days.

It's the little details that make this place so amazing.

What I've shown here is just the tip of the iceberg. As I said at the start of this entry, every visit to Old Crow should include a stop at theJohn Tizya Centre.

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Carole said...

I love those headphones! My visit to Old Crow compares to yours in Inuvik. Except that the whole community was in the tiny little airport seeing off their kids going to school. Wonderful people, indeed!