September 03, 2009

What can I say? The man loves snow-jobs.

When I was campaigning for the Best Job in the World, one of my biggest supporters was Clare from The House and Other Arctic Musings. Heck, he volunteered to go swimming in the Arctic Ocean and even posted a video of his attempt.

Now, I'd like to return the favour.

I desperately, desperately, desperately want to go to Antarctica someday.


But as much as I want to go, I am refraining from entering the competition that's being hosted by Quark Expeditions. Instead, I am throwing my support behind Clare. Let's send this dedicated polar blogger from the Arctic to the Antarctic! Let's ship him from the land of ravens and snowy owls to the land of penguins and more penguins! Let's fly him from the land of glaciers and icebergs to the land of... glaciers and icebergs!

Register and vote today!


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks Michael. Too bad there's no video entries this time.

Meandering Michael said...

Are you able to include links or html in your blog entry? If so, what's stopping you? From what I hear, it's the best time of year to go swimming in Arctic Bay! :)

Anonymous said...

I linked to the House this evening. For some reason I thought they wouldn't allow HTMl, but they do. I'm at 300 words so there's not a lot of linking I can do.

Scientific Chick said...

Sounded like a good cause, so I voted. I'd love to go to Antarctica too... But first, I need to sail around the world.