September 02, 2009

Search and Rescue

A good babysitter is hard to find. Add onto that a kid with special needs whose caregivers need special training, and a good babysitter gets even harder to find. Needless to say, Fawn and I don't get to go on many dates.

Enter the Rescue Squad. Our friend, Linda, has been generously donating her time to give Fawn and me an occasional break from the responsibilities of parenthood. Best of all, it really is a break. We know the kids are in good hands. Linda is a seasoned parent who raised two adventurous boys, so we know she's dealt with just about any kind of disaster imaginable (and the boys turned out well, which only enhances our peace of mind). Even better, she invites a friend over for tea, and they tag-team meals and bedtimes for the kids. Hence the moniker "Rescue Squad".

Last night, Fawn and I went for a sushi dinner. Unfortunately, our dinner was a little rushed because I had a training session with a rescue squad of a different sort. Over the summer, I signed up for the Whitehorse District Search and Rescue (WDSAR). I figured, if I'm out in the bush and something happens, I'd want someone looking for me, so why not do the same for someone else.

The training was on how to use the Side Scan Sonar (SSS), which is used to look for vehicles, boats, or, sadly, bodies on the bottom of lakes and rivers. We looked at parts of Schwatka Lake and then took the boat through Miles Canyon. I had no idea that the canyon was 40' deep (at current water levels). Along the way, we saw a few sites of interest.

Running a grid over Schwatka Lake.

Changing some settings to get a clearer viedw of the lake bed.

I've been planning on getting a similar system for the sailboat, so it was good to get the training. Maybe I'll be able to contribute a second sonar system to a search someday.

After the training, our date resumed. Thanks to Wendy (Hi Wendy!), we had tickets to the Frantic Follies (Man, there are some talented performers in that show). Later, we went to the Riverside Grocery for malts.

It's so nice to get out to spend some quality time with my wife, knowing that the kids were in capable hands. I look forward to doing it again soon!

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dogsled_stacie said...

Sounds like a great date! Especially the malts, good call, those are soooo good.