August 31, 2009

Swimming through a sea of change...

No, I'm not swimming through a sea of change like Scrooge McDuck (although that would be very cool to try). The seas of change have brought with them:
  • A basement drain pipe that someone, somehow, somewhen drilled a hole into, necessitating a need to learn how to replace drywall.
  • A screwdriver that lanced itself seven inches into the rear left tire of the van, necessitating two new tires.
  • A small hole in the hull of the new boat, which was put there by professional boat system installers (and, with the exception of some cosmetic work that is still to come, has been repaired).
  • Lots of work on the new boat, getting it exactly the way we want it (stove installed, keel guard installed, bilge pump installed, outboard and fuel tanks installed, licensed, safety equipment equipped, etc.)
  • A new design for the blog which, according to the results of a statistically insignificant survey, has the popular support of my readers (with some modifications that I'll get around to eventually).
  • Fawn and I having an entire afternoon to ourselves, during which we went out in the boat for the first time ever!
  • Fawn, the kids, and I spending the better part of a day on Lake Laberge and going for our first sail as a family.
Fawn and I forgot to bring the camera for the family trip, but here are a few pictures from our entire afternoon together. Sorry, but you can't see much of the actual boat. Rest assured, there will be many, many boat pictures to come.

Fawn uses a steady hand to install the keel guard.

The car and trailer, back at the boat launch.

Skipper, but not that Skipper.

Fawn emerges from the cabin.

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