March 03, 2009

The National!

OK, so I guess there's one more blog entry before my big "Thank-you" entry.

When I was in Penticton yesterday, I got an e-mail from CBC. They wanted to film me while I checked to see if I made the Top 50 for the Island Caretaker position. Unfortunately, I was going to be on the road when the fifty finalists were announced. It's just as well, because I did not make it as a finalist. While I question about a fifth of their selection ("That was better than mine? Really?"), I can't help but think that I should have used my extra 16 seconds to talk about the Great Barrier Reef and maybe score higher in their selection criteria. Oh, well!

As a consolation prize, I was on CBC's The National last night as "This guy from Whitehorse actually took a dip in sub-zero water". While that may be scientifically incorrect, it's also pretty neat to have been on The National (and CBC Newsworld, again).


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Michael, I'm a firm believer in things turning out a certain way for a reason. Perhaps you haven't seen what this reason is yet, or perhaps it hasn't presented itself yet. BUT, all your friends, family, and blogger fans know how super talented you are. And, okay, so what if I have to take my one week vacation with (free)lodging and meals in sub-zero weather :( Just make sure the coffee is strong and hot, and I'll just snuggle with Nanuq (if she'll have me):D

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Oh, Congrats on the CBC spot, and sorry Nanuq, ole boy, I didn't mean to refer to you as a "she."

Unknown said...

Hey man, I respect your enthusiasm and all-out chill bath. You are one of the few that I have been following that threw it all out there and gave it your best shot.

I, too, was the victim of not talking enough about the Great Barrier Reef to create an online advertisement for Queensland.

You can view my video here.

I definitely went all out, too. Props, organizing events to have 50 people in my video, everything. I even got a popular voiceover celebrity in America to do the beginning and a former Presidential Candidate to appear at the end. In the end, we simply did not come from the right place or from the right job.

It was frustrating to see how some made it to the Top 50 with a simple afternoon of filming/editing.

But you're absolutely right. I thank everyone for the experience and will use my work on this project to succeed in future ventures.

Carolyn said...

Michael, their loss is our gain! You had my vote and those of many on the island. Things do happen for a reason. All the very best and remember Haida Gwaii is looking for a Ec Dev Director!!!!
Smiles and thank you so much for sharing about my favourite part of the world.

Carolyn said...

Michael, I would be hard pressed to leave the Yukon also. I owned 10 acres at Mile 929.9 on the Alaska Hwy back in the mid seventies and worked as an expeditor for a mining exploration company called Welcome North Mines, at the time owned by Al Kulan of Ross River(I believe he was killed by unfriendly fire). I worked at Godlin Lakes on the Canol Road for many years(some of the best times of my life), hiked the Chilcot Pass in '73 and was one of the first vehicles(a 15 year old Fix Or Repair Daily truck) on the Dempster Hwy. I love the Yukon however I married a fella who worked for Canadian Airlines and fifteen days after we were married he was transfered out a to Ottawa(almost grounds for annulment)....broke my heart(Frenchman, didn't like the cold).
Was planning to come up for Sourdourgh Rendezvous however i had to be in the east a little earlier than expected.
All the very best to you and your family.
P.S. The guy who left to take over the Athlete's Village completion in Vancouver was on a consultancy basis........:}