December 13, 2008

The Michael's Meanderings Christmas Cheer Scorecard

Unlike last year, when I was hit by a sudden wave of Christmas cheer, this year's Christmas cheer has been creeping in on me more subtly. To keep track, I have developed the Michael's Meanderings Christmas Cheer ScorecardTM. The scorecard works by assigning points to various Christmas-related activites and events, based on the amount of Christmas cheer derived from that activity. When I reach the somewhat arbitrary number of 1225, I have obtained enough Christmas cheer to declare that I am in a "Christmassy mood".

I started adding points to my scorecard after a couple of lunchtime Christmas gigs that I played at the Yukon Legislature with the Big Band and the All-City Concert Band. (25 points each)

My girls wait for the concert to start.

Watching Jade dance at the concert contributed significantly to the scorecard. (500 points)
Jade jives to a jazzy tune.

My Christmas cheer grew immensely at the news that Jade managed to play a note on my trumpet. Yes, she'll be blurting out Christmas tunes in no time. I'm such a proud dad. (500 points)

Jade plays her first note on the trumpet.

Going out to get a Christmas tree contributed to my Christmas cheer, even though my car wouldn't start and I needed to get a boost from a friendly stranger on the highway (Thanks for stopping, Dianne(sp?) from Carcross!) That's what I get for leaving the car lights on while we cut the tree. (50 points)

Cutting the Christmas tree.

My Christmas cheer grew even more when I didn't have to decorate the tree. Fawn and Jade and my mother-in-law took care of that. I don't know why anyone enjoys decorating Christmas trees. It's like making a bed; you get it all made up just in time to get it all unmade again. (50 ponts)

Jade and Fawn decorate the tree.

...but I do enjoy putting the star on the top. (25 points)

Placing the star atop the tree. It would later become a falling star.

Plugging in the outside Christmas lights was a treat this year. By putting them on the house in October, I managed to buck my six-year trend of putting them up when it's -30oC out with a good, stiff wind. (25 points)

Today, I managed to collect the remaining 50 points. I spent the entire afternoon, mostly uninterrupted, in the workshop (I will be posting an entry on the workshop sometime in the spring) working on a Christmas gift.

With my scorecard full, I am officially in a Christmassy mood. Anything extra is just a bonus.

Fawn and Halia. (This picture has nothing to do with Christmas. It was just a bonus.)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post....I think i need to do a post like this all year round. I tend to dwell on the negative...sounds like a good new years resolution :) I may even start blogging again.

- Kat

Anonymous said...

I love love love all of the photos. Especially the ones with the girls. :o) Now I'm in a Christmassy mood too!