December 10, 2008

Caption Contest Results

Remember that caption contest I announced at the beginning of the month? The one where you submitted your captions for this picture from the CBC website?

The one I was supposed to judge last Sunday? Well, judging these things are harder than I thought. I got some good chuckles from some of the entries, but in the end I could only pick one.   I'm pleased to announce that the winner is Nemmy! 

Nemmy's caption was:
Gilles: Um... Jack... You still owe me five bucks.


Nemmy said...

Yay!! I'm a winner!!

Meandering Michael said...

You certainly are.

Anonymous said...

Shucks, you're late shouting it out now. We knew that 28 years ago

Anonymous said...

I liked Nemmy's the best too..but you have to admit, mine gave you a chuckle...I knew it was too crass to win.

- Kat