March 22, 2008

Had to share.

It's not often that I post things from other blogs, but when I saw this picture on Kate Nova's "Port Town Ghosts" blog I just had to share it.  

What an awesome shot.  I love everything about it.

It was taken in Kimmirut, Nunavut during the Qimualaniq Quest, a 320km race from Kimmirut to Iqaluit.  While nowhere near as long as the Yukon Quest, I wonder how the Yukon Quest teams would do in the Qimualaniq Quest. Through the packed sea ice,  they'd have to abandon their ganglines for fan hitches, for sure.  I wonder if fan hitches would have helped through all the jumble ice on the Yukon River this year... 

If I worked for Nunavut Tourism, I would use totally use this picture in an advertising campaign.

1 comment:

dogsled_stacie said...

That is a REALLY cool shot. I love the fan hitches and those big furry dogs. Thanks for sharing.