March 16, 2008

The littlest musher.

Now that the days are getting nice and long, almost every evening I've been taking Jade and Nunuq and our neighbour's dog, Kodiak, on little kicksledding jaunts around the neighbourhood.

Usually Jade sits on the kicksled while the dogs pull and I keep things under control and shout out directions.  It wasn't long before Jade was copying me by shouting "Hike!" and "Geeeee!" and "Haaaaw!" and pointing in the direction that the dogs were going to turn before they even turned.  Is it weird that my kid knows her "Gees" and "Haws" before she knows her lefts and rights?  She even started shouting (in her little voice) things like "Good boys!" and "Easy!"

After yet another fun run, I decided to see if Jade would like to try riding on the back of the kicksled.  She climbed right on.  We slid up and down the street for a while and she took to it like she was born for it.

Jade has her first ride on the back of the kicksled.

Not long after that, I started pulling the sled while she rode on the back, giving me commands and telling me when to turn.  I'm guessing it won't be very long before she's winning races at the Copper Haul Twister.

"Let's go! Let's go!"

I was a little disappointed when the hot weather came and the snow started to disappear.  I've really been enjoying our little zips through the greenbelt and, judging the smile that's usually plastered on her face, so has Jade.  

Gleefully, we went outside to celebrate today's snowfall by taking a nice big kicksled ride.  The dogs had to work hard in the unpacked snow, but it looked like they were having fun.  As we zoomed by a local toboggan hill, some kids shouted to their parents, "That looks fun!"

You got that right kid.

Getting Nanuq ready to go for a run on a warm, sunny day.

Our neighbour's super-puller, Kodiak, putting on his running face.

A very happy team (just look at all those smiles!)


Anonymous said...

Those are great photos!

Meandering Michael said...

Photo credits should go to Fawn.