December 10, 2007

Nature's palette

Tim, Chandra, Nanuq and I went out yesterday to see the craft show at the Mount Lorne Community Centre. While we were there, we tried a couple of Andy Lera's kicksleds. I have to confess, I was impressed. They were fast! We put Nanuq in one of the harnesses, and took a quick spin down one of the trails. Nanuq kept looking over his shoulder with a big smile on his face. I think he liked pulling me on the sled a lot better than he likes pulling me on my old, rough skis.

After the craft fair, we went for a hike up one of the mountains near the end of the Annie Lake Road.

The scenery, as usual, was fantastic, but it was the variety of colour that really got to me. Forget the bold primary colours that we're usually bombarded with through the media, I'll take the more subtle - yet vibrant - shades of nature's palette any day.

Tim, walking uphill through the yellows.

Gazing up towards the oranges and browns.

Yellows, oranges, browns and tans.

The light of the setting sun really brings out the colours. Unfortunately, I don't do a very good job of capturing just how vibrant the colours really were. You'll just have to go see for yourself!

The purply-blue of the juniper berries.

Somewhere I have GOT to go scrambling one day!

Following a mining road, we went onwards and upwards.

Tim and Chandra, walking up the mining road.

Looking back down the valley. Last summer's Yukon Adventure Challenge went by the base of the mountain in the centre of the picture.

A fox runs across the narrow valley, skirting the pile of old and twisted culverts. (S)He spent a lot of time watching us.

The overflow blues.

The "I don't have enough time to go there today" blues.

A purple sky to say goodbye.


Peter Tyrrell said...

I am delighted to be introduced to yet another winter sport! Kicksleds look like a lot of fun. A nice Xmas present for you, maybe.

raine said...

Sigh. I used to live on the Annie Lake Road, about 15 years ago. Thanks for the re-visit!