December 11, 2007

The Front Page

When I lived in the NWT, it was fun to get the Deh Cho Drum, because I always knew everyone whose image appeared in the paper. My name appeared in the paper a lot, but so did everybody else's. Small, regional papers are like that.

I've been living in the big city of Whitehorse for over two years now and my name has only been in the paper a couple of times. Today, however, I made the front page. This is more exciting than when my hand appeared on the Rick Mercer Report (Week of March 7, in the clip entitled "Yukon")!

Yup! There I am!

This picture has been used without permission from Vince Federoff and the Whitehorse Star - and I'm sure that they don't mind because a) I'm referring people to their website and b) I'm not suing them for using a photograph of me without my permission.


dogsled_stacie said...

Wowee! Too cool.

So are you too famous to sign autographs now?!? ;)

Meandering Michael said...

Stacie, for you, the first one's free. I'll even provide the pen and paper and, if you like, I'll can sign it with the hand that appeared on the Rick Mercer Report - even though that's not the hand that I normally use to sign things.