May 17, 2007

A spring evening bike ride

As part of my training for the upcoming adventure race, Nanuq and I went for a bike ride up the Coal Lake Road. The road was wet - more like a small creek than a road - but we rode up a fair ways before I got bored of biking up, up and up and decided that I wanted to explore the Trans-Canada Trail, since I hadn't been on it in that section. We headed back down the road and turned south on the TCT.

As we rode, I realised that some idioms are better than others. I used to think that "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it" was a good expression. Now, I would classify it with the "others".

Like a troubled bridge over water.

Riding on the TCT was easy compared to the wet, uphill slogging on the Coal Lake Road. Plus, the views were great.

During the ride, I wanted to investigate a rock slide. We walked to the top and I couldn't help but notice the abundance of moose sign. I followed the tracks down to a small marsh, overlooked by Golden Horn Mountain in the West.

Nanuq always likes to cool off in the water.

During our journey, we also had the opportunity to meet this prickly creature...

He may not say much, but he can always make his point.


sattvicwarrior said...

cool pics!!!!!!!thanks for sharing.....

Peter Tyrrell said...

I likes Mr. Porcupine. Didn't know they could climb trees.

Fawn said...

Yes, yes! They EATS trees! Well, bits of trees, anyway.

Peaeater didn't whimper and curl up in fetal position over that pun -- you is losing your touch, Michael.

Anonymous said...

Great wildlife photos! Especially that porcupine, it looks freaked out. "Does he see me?" ha ha