May 23, 2007

The Long, Busy Weekend

It was a busy long weekend! Our friend, Nicole, came from Edmonton for a visit and we, like hundreds of other Yukon residents, decided to drive to Skagway to ride the White Pass & Yukon route summit excursion. It was a great day for a drive. We weren't really keeping our eyes open for wildlife, but on the way there, we spotted a couple of bears and a sheep.

"Baa. I'm all alone."

Nicole, Jade and Fawn. (Jade's eating a snack.)

The train starts out on its journey to the summit.

Over a bridge and into a tunnel.

On Sunday, my adventure racing team got together for some training. We biked up to the top of Gray Mountain, left our bikes there, hiked down from the top to Cantlie Lake, and then along the Cantlie Lake "road" to where we parked our vehicles. After a quick ride to the top of Gray Mountain, we rode our bikes back down the road. It was a great trip and one that I'll probably make again. The snow was soft and deep around the lake, so we didn't get to go find the geocache that's hidden out there; something to look forward to next time.
Up and down and up and down. With all the ridges, hiking down Gray Mountain towards Cantlie Lake is not a simple as just walking down.

Nanuq wants some of my lunch. He has in own snack in his pack. Lucky wants in on the food-eating action, too.

The adventure race team jogs out on the Cantlie Lake Road.

Monday wasn't a day of rest; I did a bunch of yard work, dropped Nicole off at the airport, and then we had friends over for games in the afternoon. All-in-all, a good long weekend.

Why isn't every weekend a long weekend?

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