May 17, 2007

Plaid to the bone.

I love plaid. I have often said that plaid is my favourite colour.

Yes, I am aware that plaid is not a colour.

Still, I think plaid looks neat (except for when clashing plaids are worn), I think that flannel is super-comfortable, and I like the symbolism of a tartan.

But apparently, I don't like plaid as much as Jade does. At daycare today, she somehow ended up wearing a red plaid jacket that belongs to the daycare. She liked wearing it so much, that she wouldn't let anyone take it from her, so it ended up coming home where she also refused to have it taken off. When Fawn finally managed to wrestle it away for dinner, Jade was interested in nothing else but the jacket. She hardly ate any of her dinner. Once she had the jacket back on, she was more than happy to mooch off of our plates, but when it was time for her bath, she screamed when the plaid jacket was taken off of her and she screamed right through her bath and she screamed when we put her down to sleep.

Only she's not sleeping well. She keeps waking up. I swear, if I handed her the plaid jacket, she would fall fast asleep with a little smile on her face.

What is it with that jacket?!

It must be the plaid.


Fawn said...

And we HAD to put it back on her again this morning. She certainly is developing some strong opinions! You should have seen how excited she was when I took out her leg-warmers. She wouldn't stop begging for them until they were both on her legs. Perhaps it's just that she wants to be outside...?

Anonymous said...

Love the hair......and the jacket looks cute on her too.
Hopefully she'll get over her plaid obsession (unlike her Dad!)
I see Crook is still at the door wanting to get out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm actually jealous. I have been looking for a plaid flannel jacket or shirt exactly like that for months, but without success. Do you think Jade would mind if I stole it and then enlarged it? :)

The pigtails look great!