April 21, 2007

Signs of Affection

Jade's been especially cuddly towards me since I got back from the NWT. This morning she did the cutest thing. Fawn brought her into bed with us, and when Fawn got up to attend to something, Jade crawled on top of me and pressed her cheek to mine. She then proceeded to turn her face and rub it across my cheek.

This made my cheek very wet. She's teething, after all, and has been drooling a little. I groaned at the icky feel of cold saliva across the side of my face.

My eyes were still closed, but I could sense she was looking at me, so I opened my eyes to look at her.

The first thing I saw was the great big smile on her face. The second thing I saw, right above the smile, was the great big giant booger dripping from her nose.

I threw off the sheets and, tentatively, touched the wet side of my face. While I am not an expert on such matters, I was pretty sure that saliva has a different viscosity than what was on my face (and now, my fingers).

So, cleverly guised as a sign of affection, my daughter used me as a giant Kleenex. Nice.

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