April 21, 2007

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right...

I got a lot of dog poo this morning.

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right. Let me try that again...

It was really easy to pick up dog poo this morning.

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right either. What I mean is, I was engaged in "spring cleaning", picking up the little nuggets that Nanuq left in the yard over the winter. The poo was dry and frozen, making it easy to pick up and transfer to the garbage bag with the scooper I was using; it neither oozed nor crumbled off the scooper. If only it was always that easy.

I mean, I thought I was on top of the dog's poo all winter.

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right. What I mean is, I thought that I was on top of the poo pick-up situation all winter. It's always a lot easier to scoop when it's fresh, sitting on top of the snow, before the sun gets to it an it melts down through the snow and freezes in an icy chamber.
If I can share just one little bit of wisdom with the world before I die (which, hopefully, is a long time away, if ever), let it be this: When trying to dislodge dog poo from an icy chamber by hacking at it with a hoe, rake, shovel, etc., never, ever hack towards yourself. Unless you like getting sprayed with the stuff, that is.

And I can't imagine that you do. Because I sure don't. Especially when it hits you in the face.


Rachel said...

Yeah I have learned the hard way with my hoe. It is amazing how much there is when the snow melts. Wow!

Anonymous said...

It's all in a day's work for us professional poop scoopers! Spring is the busiest season for us, it's quite normal to do 250-300 pounds a day!

Need a scooper? See the national directory at

Happy scoopin'!
Jeff Morgan
The Grand Poobah, Denver, CO

Board Member
Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists

Meandering Michael said...

Wow, there's an association for everything! Alas, there are no members in the Yukon.

Normally, I don't allow advertising on this site, but I think I'm going to make an exception in this case.

250-300 lbs a day! Is this a service that charges by time or by the pound?!

dogsled_stacie said...

Wow, I think I qualify as a professional poop scooper! I should weigh what I picked up today, I think I totally got them beat. A winter with 14 dogs running free, with preferred poop corners that were frequently covered up with snow before I got to them - just today alone resulted in EIGHT garbage bags full of crap!! Ok, leaves and twigs and crap, because raking was necessary.

And lord help me, I'm not even done yet...

Peter Tyrrell said...

Hee hee.

Meandering Michael said...

Stacie, come take care of mine! I'll pay you and then, as long as you adhere to the APAWS Code of Conduct, you can become a member of the association!

Eight bags and counting... maybe you could trade in your wood stove for a biomass power heat and electrical system.