April 22, 2007

"Inherit the Wind"

If you're in Whitehorse this week, make sure you check out the play, "Inherit the Wind", performed by Moving Parts Theatre at the Wood Street School. Fawn and I went last night and really enjoyed it.

The play is an hour-and-a-half long with no intermission, but you're not confined to your seat - you get to move around the town and the courthouse (where the entire play takes place). Pretty cool. Before last night, I had never been to a play where the audience is actually ON the set.

I was also thoroughly impressed with some of the acting, particularly that of the lawyers. If you want to see some Oscar-worthy roles in Whitehorse, now's your chance.

But what's the play about? It's a fictionalized account of a Tennessee teacher's trail. The teacher was on trial for teaching Darwinism, when Tennessee law mandated the teaching of Creationism. Even though the play is over fifty years old, it deals with an issue that's still going on today.

No, I have no part in the production of the play. I just really liked it and thought I'd share the fact that it's there, for anyone else who wants to see some great theatre.

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