February 07, 2007

Memory Lane

On my last trip into the NWT, old friends kept asking to see pictures of Jade. As I went through the folders of pictures, it amazed me to see how much she's changed, physically.

Today, as I was working on a presentation I'm making later this month, I was going through some different picture folders, looking for the images I wanted to include in the presentation. I clicked through a lot of pictures I haven't seen in a while, like this one:

That little ball of fuzz beside the dead grizzly bear is Nanuq just a few days after we rescued him from the streets. The fate of his mother is uncertain, but we heard that she had been shot. The first time we saw him was on Hallowe'en. He was following all the kids around, whimpering, maybe hoping that someone feed him or take him in.

We had mentioned to the local by-law officer that we were looking for a puppy. The by-law officer forgot our request, but our friend, Colleen, who was an RCMP officer in the community at the time, reminded him. He showed up at our doorstep one day and said, "How's this one?"

"This one" was just fine. He was skinny and his belly was bloated. He was so small when we took him in, I could hold him comfortably in my hand. Just a few days later, between the time that we took him in and when this picture was taken, he practically doubled in size.

They grow up so quickly.

Want more pictures and stories from memory lane? Let me know!

(Oh, and if you were wondering, the grizzly was hanging out near the community's "Nuisance Site" and some decided that it needed to be dispatched. It was pretty skinny, too. Maybe it was just looking for someone to feed it and take it in, too?)


Peter Tyrrell said...

Oh, Nanuq, you were SO CUTE. And a woeful story like that guarantees you will be forgiven for anything you might do, the rest of your life. GOOD DOG!

Ian C. said...

He so cute!

Picasa ( has this cool chronological slide show thingamajigger. You give it your photos and it makes this cool time line thing. It really shows you how we change over time. Check it out!