February 06, 2007

All the junk we never use.

A month ago, we started shifting the contents of the rooms in our house around. If the things still laying on the floor are any indication, we have too much stuff. I would call it junk, but one man's trash is another man's (or woman's) treasure. And so, I shall just call it stuff.

I can understand the pack rat mentality, if that's what it is; I was raised on a healthy dose of Baden-Powell's "Be Prepared", and you never know when you might need some of that...stuff.

I am guilty of keeping things I never use and I admit it.

But it's amazing how much you can miss something that you don't even realise you're using. Like my voice, for example. While I'm busy fighting a cold, my voice has decided to go into hiding. Coward. And when my voice chooses to make an appearance, it sounds like a muted, monotone frog, which I would normally find pretty cool, but if I try to talk for too long, my throat starts to feel raw and I start hacking.

So, while the rest of the world rejoices at my inability to speak, I'll just sit here and contemplate all those things I take for granted.


Anonymous said...

To be grammatically correct, it's "lying around on the floor", not laying around.

And I throw out way more stuff than you, so I want to know what "stuff" is trash. Because we should therefore trash it.

Meandering Michael said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, who knew you were blogging! This is great. Now I don't have to feel guilty (okay, not as guilty) for not keeping up with what's going on in your lives, my across-the-street-neighbours. I think of you guys ragularly, daily even, but life is so full, I hardly ever talk to you. Love the pictures of Jade, even if she was feeling sucky sicky. Cath

Anonymous said...

Defensive? Because you made a grammatical error?

Or if you mean the other part, your missing my meaning. I want to know what you think the trash because I *really* think we should trash it. That's not defensive. That's trying to finally manage the clutter in our world.