February 08, 2007

Is that all for you?

While out running some work-related errands, I swung by the pharmacy to pick up some disposable diapers for Jade. I'm not a big fan of disposables (we try to use cloth), but she needs them for daycare.

Hefting the big bag of diapers onto the counter, the cashier trainee asked me, "Is that all for you?"

I wasn't quite sure how to answer her question. With this cold, my ears have gotten somewhat clogged and I couldn't hear the subtleties of inflection in her voice - like moments before when I was in the grocery store and the cashier asked the person in front of me if he had a pen. I pulled one out of my jacket and handed it to her. But she already had a pen in her hand. She had asked the other guy if he had a penny. As I said, my ears were clogged.

So, when the cashier trainee at the pharmacy asked me, "Is that all for you?" I wasn't sure if she asking if the diapers were all I wanted her to ring through, or if she was asking if all the diapers were for me. To use.

I answered with a hesitant, "Yes."

Judging by the lack of smirking on her face, she meant the former. Either that or she's very used to diaper-wearing adults.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure there are plenty of adults like you with butts small enough to fit into size 3 infants' diapers.