January 27, 2007

"I Must Have Moosed"

It doesn't seem to matter how serious the situation is or how recent the tragedy, I find that most northerners are never more than a moment away from laughter. Everyone might be sitting around, discussing a very serious and complex topic, and someone will let out a crack that'll have the whole room in gut-jiggling laughter. I love that.

And then there are the practical jokes, like this guy...

I'm not sure who made this giant wooden moose or who put it up, but there are more than a few bullet holes in it now. I've been told that even some elders (many of whom are excellent marksmen and hunters) have taken shots at it (sometimes many), wondering why the moose won't drop. They likely wouldn't want it anyway. The meat's probably as tough as a board.

Oh, good times!

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