January 27, 2007

The "Hubba Hubba Highway" no more...

Maybe I just missed it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. My favourite Alaska Highway sign is gone. As you head north towards Liard River and the hotsprings, the highway makes a series of sharp turns. The sign reads...

Slow very dangerous curve(Borrowed without permission from treedork, who I don't know, but who has some very nice pictures that you should check out.)

There used to be another one of these closer to Pink Mountain, but I think that one's gone, too. Without those slow, very dangerous curves, I can no longer call the Alaska Highway the "Hubba Hubba Highway".

I can understand why they got rid of the signs:
  1. Too many people were stopping to take pictures of them, which created a hazard in itself.
  2. The sign doesn't mean anything to people who don't speak English or who cannot read, which is why the sign has been replaced by a sign of a truck tipping over and a bunch of low-km speed limit signs.
Now, how would you go about replacing signs that say "soft shoulder"?

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