January 27, 2007

Fort Liard to Whitehorse

Sunrise on the Liard Highway near the Alaska Highway Junction

Yesterday, I drove from Fort Liard to Whitehorse. It's a good, long drive. At a reasonable speed, it's easily more than 12 hours of nothing but driving. I stopped for gas twice and took a couple of pictures, but other than that, it was drive, drive, drive. At least the drive is an interesting one.

I saw lots of wildlife, including:
  • 3 live moose
  • 2 dead moose (but, if you go by the remains, was really more like 5/8ths of a moose)
  • countless bison
  • 1 dead creature which may have been a moose or a bison
  • 1 grader which, judging by the flock of ravens and the long blood smear along the highway, was in the process of moving a large animal (likely a moose) off the road.
  • 4 caribou
  • Lots and lots of little birds (spring is on its way!)
  • 1 varying hare
  • 1 marten, which bolted across the highway in front of my car
Caribou, between Watson Lake and Teslin.

"Hey! Wait for me!"

A moose between Watson Lake and Teslin. (I saw lots of moose tracks all along the highway during my drive).

The same moose, walking off into the sunset.

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