January 24, 2007

Getting around, modern-northern-style.

From Whitehorse to Fort Nelson to Fort Liard to Jean Marie River to Fort Simpson to Nahanni Butte. Yup, I'm putting a lot of mileage on the car.

It must have been so different before the roads were put in when, in the winter, people would travel the rivers by dog team. Then by snow machine. Then came the winter roads, which some communities, like Trout Lake and Nahanni Butte, still use. While they may not be used for highways anymore, the rivers are still used. Now they're used for making bridges in the wintertime.

Question: What would the north be without ice bridges...?

The Liard River crossing on the Mackenzie Highway

The Liard River Crossing on the Nahanni Butte Winter Road.

A view of the Nahanni Butte from the Nahanni Butte Winter Road. Yup, I hiked over that.

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