December 19, 2006

Whitehorse Woman "Hides Diamond in Her Plumbing" Before Entering Neighbour's Home With Knife

#2 in a series of postings with horribly misleading but entirely accurate titles.

My neighbour called me up the other day and asked me for some help with her plumbing; she lost the diamond out of her ring and was afraid that it had come out while she was doing the dishes. It was a long-shot, but she was hoping, praying, that the diamond would be in the U-bend of the sink.

The ring was an anniversary gift from her dearly departed husband and, obviously, meant a lot.

I went over and easily unscrewed the U-bend from the two sinks, pouring the contents out into a blue plastic bucket. The water was clean and clear. There was no diamond.

Wanting to be sure that it wasn't stuck somewhere in the plastic piping , I asked her for an old, wire clothes hanger and a small rag. I fashioned a pipe cleaner and shoved it into the tubing. Pouring some water into the disconnected pipes, some black sludge poured into the bucket. But no diamond.

Ready for my second attempt at cleaning out the sludge, I looked into the end of the pipe. Glittering in the slime was a diamond. Without out really realizing the enormity of the situation, I reached in, plucked the diamond out, and handed it to my neighbour with a "Here ya go!"

She promptly sealed the diamond in an envelope to be taken to the jewellers to be re-set in the ring.

I reconnected the plumbing, tested it, and went home, resuming my activities of the day.

My neighbour came over the next day with a jar of home-made apricot jam. I love home-made jam!

"Oh! You didn't have to do that!" I explained.

But my neighbour had a lot more than the jam. She gave me a card, explaining about the significance of the ring. Inside the card's envelope was a small green bag. Inside the small green bag was a beautiful, tiny knife with a ivory scales, gold bolster and steel blade.

It was a gift from her and the jeweller who had made the ring.

I was very touched and didn't know what to say. Honestly, I really enjoyed the "treasure hunting" and was just glad that I could help.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mike I'm always amazed at the lengths you go to help other people. It's an honor to have you as a friend. :-)

Meandering Michael said...

Hey! Welcome back to the "World of being able to read blogs!" and welcome back to Canada!

See you in Whitehorse soon!

Unknown said...

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