December 19, 2006

We're Moving

#3 in a series of postings with horribly misleading but completely accurate titles.

We're moving. Within our own house, anyways. And I don't mean that we're "moving around". That wouldn't be much of a blog posting.

"Hey look! I'm waving my arm around!"

"Well, I'm blinking my eyes!"

No, we're rearranging our house. Norris is moving from China to work with me at the beginning of January. As a result, we need more office space.

So, the master bedroom is becoming the new office. The old, smaller office is becoming a guest room and will, one day, become Jade's room. The guest room that is moving to the office is now becoming Jade's new room. Jade's old room is becoming a guest room to replace the guest room that is now becoming our bedroom (which was formerly the master bedroom that is now becoming an office.)

Simple, right?

Much more simple than trying to move furniture with a baby, dog and cat at our feet.

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