December 19, 2006

Child isn't even born and he's already in trouble for being late.

#4 in a series of postings with horribly misleading but completely accurate titles.

I'm a nuncle again!

Welcome to the world Gavin. Sure, you were a little late, but it's no big deal. When you can speak, just tell your mom that you thought you were on northern time.

By the way, I like your mittens.


Anonymous said...

I don't know any other nuncles. How do you become one?
Isn't Gavin adorable?

Meandering Michael said...

You become a nuncle by reading Charlie Farquharson's Jogfree of Canda, the Whirld and Other Places by Don Harron.

Anonymous said...

Bought that book when it first came out. Harron was signing them at the local bookstore. I told him it was for Joyce and Arthur's anniversary, so of course he wrote "Fer joice narthur. Happy anyabursary"...or something approximating that.

My favourtite bit of the book was the illustration of "Yer relief map..." Young Gavin will be making many of those and his parents will be cleaning them up :-)

Meandering Michael said...

He wrote some great books. I feel sorry for his editor.