November 03, 2006

I have seen these on airplanes.

There is a scourge in the skies: Almond slices.

I cannot believe these things are allowed on planes, placed inconspicously on top of little desserts. Granted, I've never had a problem with these little slices of nuts while on a plane, but the potential is there...

This morning while eating my cereal, an almond slice, in a bid to avoid being eaten and digested, lodged itself in the roof of my mouth between my front right inscisor and my gums.

A wave of pain and discomfort filled my head. With my tongue, I could feel the mound of bulging gum with the almond slice hidden neatly beneath.

After a few unsuccessful minutes of attempting to dislodge the almond slice from its gummy nest, I phoned the dentist's office. They booked me an appointment for fifty minutes after I called.

In the end, I never had to go to the dentist. After about twenty minutes of swelling, the blood in my gums pushed the almond slice out. The rush of blood filled my mouth with a salty taste, but after running my tongue over my gums, I could feel that things were back to normal.

Now, if you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that I am a little...annoyed...with Air Canada. This is the same Air Canada that is so concerned with passenger comfort and safety that they wouldn't let my poor Granny onto their plane.

To Air Canada I ask, if you won't let my Granny onto a plane, why do you (when your flights actually serve food) allow these dangerous little almond slices?!

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