November 01, 2006

Air Canada complaint filed with CTA.

Well, I filed the Air Canada complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency's Air Travel Complaints Program this afternoon. What I found interesting was that my Granny's situation seemed to qualify as a Disability-Related Complaint. The form certainly covered her situation a lot better than the general travel complaints form.

It's strange thinking of my Granny as someone with a disability; she's always been! It was when she tried my brother's rollerblades that we started calling her Supergran. Now, after ten days of radiation treatment and the arc of stitches on her head, she's affectionately referred to as Frankengranny. She's in the process of going through a bunch of tests and scans. They're looking for other unwanted doodads in her body.

I don't know when the CTA will get back to me, but they state that it's their policy to resolve issues within 120 days. So, hopefully we'll get this all sorted out sometime before March 1, 2007.

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