November 18, 2006

Copper Haul Twister!

At Dogsled Stacie's suggestion, I decided to check out the Copper Haul Twister, entering in the 5km one-dog skijoring category with Nanuq.

Everybody at the event, from the volunteers to the competitors, was super-nice and very welcoming. I'd recommend the Copper Haul Twister to anyone wanting to try skijoring, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

We didn't do too badly given that it was only Nanuq's and my second time skijoring (our first time was last night). And we came in second place! Of course, there were only two of us entered in that particular category, but it was still fun!

Nanuq only trots when he's wearing his harness and I was hoping that, if he saw other dogs running with their harnesses on, that he would get the idea that he could run, too. We spent the first part of the day watching the dog teams entered into the 12 km race take off. Nanuq seemed to get the idea and looked like he wanted to go chasing after them.

When our turn came, Nanuq didn't run with the zeal that I had hoped for, but he still went faster than he did last night. We completed the race in just over 24 minutes, averaging about 12.5km/hr. My competitor completed the race in just over eighteen minutes. Awesome! I want to go almost 17 km/hr, too!

I think Nanuq enjoyed himself so maybe, with a little bit of practice, he'll understand that he's allowed to run full-tilt instead of just trotting along, and if that happens, he'll be able to go a heck of a lot faster than 12.5 km/hr!


dogsled_stacie said...

Thanks for coming out - it was a blast!! It's addicting isn't it? :)

We should all do some practicing next weekend - and get the "pet dogs" to run with a sled dog. It'd be neat to see how the pet dogs do. I think Stephanie wants to race too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though Nanuq has taken after Duke in the competition world......he got 2nd place in the dog pull competition in Yellowknife oh so many years ago.....there were only two dogs entered and Duke sat there and watched. Why work when you can get second place by doing nothing!!!!!

Meandering Michael said...

Stacie, practicing would be great!