July 11, 2012

Art from Adäka

The most-excellent 2012 Adäka Cultural Festival was eight days of traditional and contemporary music, dance, drumming, art & craft, storytelling, film, cultural presentations, workshops, artist demonstrations, a community feast and more held at the new Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre in downtown Whitehorse.

I dropped by whenever I could.  I was particularly impressed by the art gallery they had set up, but as fantastic and tempting as those pieces were, it was this piece in the artists' tent by Kaska artist, Mary Caesar that I had to have.

Looking at it takes me right back to handgames/stick gambling matches and tournaments that I've enjoyed so much in the past.  Thinking about it, every piece of art that I've ever fallen in love with has evoked a strong memory: an "Ah, I've been there and loved it" moment.

What kind of art gets you?

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