June 27, 2012

Atlin Lake: Small Things in a Big Land

Last week, I took the sailboat out to Atlin Lake for a trip to the Llewellyn Glacier.  The views are big, with big mountains and big ice and big wildlife all surrounding a great, big, lake.  Atlin Lake is the largest natural lake in British Columbia and contains the second-tallest island in a freshwater lake in the world.

I'll post some pictures of the immense beauty in another entry, because this entry is dedicated to the immense beauty that can be found in little things...

This little spider moved into position like it knew how to pose for a picture.

Can you find the frog (click to enlarge)?

What about this one?

Sculpins are fascinating little fish! This one swam right to the shore and hung out for a while.


Mom said...

So many lovely things at Atlin! Love the photos.

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures.

Nancy said...

Very tranquil. Reminds me of Spring up in New York. I prefer change, and change nice and slow:) NOT the never ending summers in Florida:( Well, ribbit, ribbit, for now!