April 21, 2012

The Culinary Arts: Mr. Potato Head

Looking back, I now realize how important family meal time was.  It was a time to connect and bond - even when we were driving each other crazy.

As a kid, a favourite meal-time moment for me, always, was when my Dad would do something (intentionally) silly, like pouring into a glass while holding the glass as low as he possibly could and raising the jug as high as he possibly could.  We, the kids, loved it.  His occasional antics would always elicit the same response from my Mum, "Jim, you're worse than the kids!"  She always tried to say it in a scolding sort of way, but she could never conceal her grin.

I loved that expression.  Still do.

And, from time to time, I get to hear Fawn say it, too.  Much to the kids' (and my) delight.


Nemmy said...

Tee hee - love it!

Mum said...

Michael, stop playing with your food - you're as bad as your Dad :)
Remember the bannock?????