March 20, 2012


This entry marks a milestone of sorts. It's my 1,001st blog entry on blogger!!!

(Of course, my old blog had 224 posts, so that officially makes this my 1,225th post, which, I guess, is as good as any other number for celebrating a milestone.

To be honest, after nearly seven years of blogging (starting before the days of Facebook or twitter), I've started to lose interest in blogging. I think I need a little encouragement.  For this reason, I'm asking for your help.

Help me celebrate my 1,001st blogger blog entry by telling me how you found Michael's Meanderings and/or why you were crazy enough to come back.  Thanks for reading!


Shockr said...

Cause you usually blog about something other than your daily life and have awesome pictures!

Bohemian Kiss said...

Honestly... Your blog is fun! You share your family with us. Keep Boggin :-)

Lara said...

For me its your passionate detailed story telling and slightly askew view on life. I dont mean askew bad, but as in original, unique, creative. Keep on blogging! xox Lara

Clare said...

It might be a "which came first" sort of thing, but I believe I found your blog after you left a comment on mine. After I read this I had to check mine to see how many posts I've had in the, soon to be, seven years I've been blogging. I'm 9 away from 1500. Congratulations on your milestone.

As for the blog malaise, it seems to be a recurring them amongst the bloggers I know these days, myself included.

Megan said...

Congratulations! I wish I could remember how I found you. Maybe through Clare's sidebar?

Things are odd for me in blogland. I'm keeping up with my grammar blog, and that keeps me happy. But life is galloping away from me in ways I can't really blog about.

Fawn said...

Well, I like to think that I inspired you to start your blog. I come back because you're funny. (One of the things I've always loved about you.) <3

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I have no clue how I found your blog, but it was years ago! I am sure I have been following for at least five years. I probably found it through Clare or when we started thinking about moving from Nunavut to the Yukon.

I love this blog for the mixture of family and adventure entries. It is always interesting!

Mom said...

My son told me about it, and I love catching up on the news :)

Scientific Chick said...

Heh, I know all about blogging fatigue. I keep meaning to get back to mine.

I think I stumbled upon your blog through Fawn's - but don't ask me how I ended up on Fawn's, because I don't remember.

I keep coming back because Facebook tells me to. :) Also, I love to read about a lifestyle that is so different from mine in so many ways.

And, needless to say, the puns.

Suze said...

I don't really remember how I got to your blog... maybe through Facebook?
But I do remember being happy that you were writing one -- you were one of the most interesting people I knew in high school and I always wanted to know what adventures you would get up to.
I hope you keep it up, but as most of the bloggers I read regularly seem to be languishing lately, I guess it can't go on forever.

Christine said...

Just stumbled on your blog - neat stories and great photos. Forwarded the link to our daughter who is working in the Crowsnest Pass and just graduated with an environmental degree. Keep it up!

Meandering Michael said...

Thanks everyone!