January 23, 2012

Our love is like a well-dried plum.

A friend recently asked on Facebook, "What do prunes have to do with Valentine's Day?"

Aside from the obvious "prunes are good for the heart"?   It's the perfect set-up for a punchline, but I decided to write a poem instead.  It has been a while since I wrote a poem and I was inspired.  So here it is:

Our love is like a well-dried plum
It blossomed on a summer's night
In the warmth of June
And like a plum with giant heart
Grew 'neath an August moon
And now, with age, it stands preserved
So with these words I croon
Our love will stand the test of time
Just like a well-dried prune


Megan said...

How romantic.

Fawn said...

Well. I guess I'm glad I wasn't the insiration...?

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romantic bed and breakfasts said...

It’s very romantic really. I will share it with my loved one.

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Meandering Michael said...

Yes, spam commenter, I'm sure that you learned a lot from my poem about pruney love.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Ha-ha!! Well, I guess your wife keeps you regular?:D

You need to have this crocheted and hung up in the kitchen or perhaps the bathroom!

All the best!