December 10, 2011

Policy of Collaboration Letter to the Prime Minister and AANDC Minister

As a Canadian, I've had enough. It's time for a Policy of Collaboration between the Government of Canada and First Nations.

Below is a template letter that you're welcome to use to encourage the Government of Canada to try a new approach. You can find the e-mail address for the Prime Minister here and the e-mail address for Minister Duncan here. While you're at it, let your MP know what you think, too. 

Mr. Prime Minister/Minister Duncan,

When it comes to First Nations, the Assimilation Policy has failed, creating more problems than it was intended to fix. This policy and others (including the current approach toward Attawapiskat), while well intentioned, are done without full input and consent from the affected First Nations. If someone tried to run my life from afar it would be a disaster, too.

I encourage my government - the Government of Canada - to adopt a new policy regarding First Nations.

A "Policy of Collaboration".

A Policy of Collaboration would mean that the Government of Canada and First Nations would listen to each other, learn from each other, and develop the structures that will encourage ongoing collaboration. This is the kind of visionary leadership that we, as Canadians, are looking for. We cannot continue to repeat the same mistakes that we have made for hundreds of years.

When First Nations succeed, we all benefit. They can't do it alone and neither can the Government of Canada.

If you would like more ideas regarding a "Policy of Collaboration", please do not hesitate to contact me. 


***Insert Name Here***

If you've come up with your own letter to the Prime Minister or Minister Duncan, I encourage you to post a link to it in the comments section above.


Barbara said...

Love it...will share on my fb page :)

Felix said...

Thanks Michael,

Will post to my facebook page, as notes, also on the Dehcho Process doc. page.

I will attribute the letter to you.

Hope your family is healthy and happy


Carole said...

Well-written post, Michael. A great book on the history of Canada's relations with First Nations people is Lethal Legacy by J.R. Miller. I have a copy if you're interested.

This whole issue comes down to the fact that collaboration and equality is the key and beneficial for everyone economically and socially. Parallels can be made with women's rights (think of countries where women have little).

Meandering Michael said...

I'd love to give it a read. Thanks, Carole!