September 09, 2011

The strange wisdom of children.

Child of mine:  Papa, I need to go poo.
Me (preparing supper):  OK, go poo then.
Child of mine (shouting from the bathroom):  I'm done going poo!
Me: OK, you know what to do.
Child of mine:   But I want you to wipe me!
Me:  You can do it.  You need to do it.  That's how you learn!
Child of mine:  But I don't want to learn!
Me:  You want someone else to wipe your bum for the rest of your life?
Child of mine:   Yes!
Me: What?  Really?
Child of mine:   I was just kidding.  I need to kid sometimes otherwise I'll forget how to laugh, right Papa?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Our kids are smarter than we think. It's also good to know that they listen to us and pay attention to our humor :)