June 30, 2011

Yukon Newsflash: An Editorial

Yukon News, the insanity must stop. You had not one "Carrier of the Month" for April, but two. At the time, I demanded a showdown. I wanted to know who truly earned the title for April's Carrier of the Month.

You didn't respond.

Now, for May, you insulted your carriers again by double-awarding the honour - and you upped the level of insult by placing the announcements right next to each other.

Is this really how you let your star carriers know they're appreciated? Or is it some kind of sick, perverse joke?

Perhaps this is a symptom of why your carrier turnover is so high?

Who is the Carrier of the Month? Your carriers deserve to know, their parents deserve to know, and your readers deserve to know.

Yukon News, your credibility is at stake - and the news business is one that's built on credibility (or incredulity if you're in the business of "shock news"). It's time to be accountable for your actions and own up. We deserve an explanation.

(Oh, and why are your carrier's faces superimposed on a Torah?)

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