June 04, 2011

What the Zamboni?!

I saw this in Beaver Creek. I'm not sure what it is. At first I thought it could be an old zamboni, but it seems to be missing a few parts (like a driver's seat and a steering wheel and the assembly at the back). Also, it looks like it has some sort of arm for being towed.

Care to weigh in?


Nemmy said...

It looks so old, and yet it has a shiny bit! :D Ok, well I ended up looking up Chicago Pneumatic since that was the best clue we had, and looks like their equipment, among other things, has been used to construct some pretty impressive highways (like that through the Donner Pass. So maybe... something to do with the construction of the Alasa Highway?

Meandering Michael said...

I received the following message from a friend. She didn't post it here and I'm not sure if she's trying to remain anonymous, so I'll let her decide if she wants to reveal her identity...

"Hey Michael - I asked an equipment geek friend of mine about that piece of machinery you posted. He said this: it's an air compressor made by Chicago Pneumatic. Looks like it's made in the 1950's. It used to power mining drilling equipment. it ran things from jack hammers to rock drills.

So there you go!"

Thanks "mysterious messenger"! I appreciate the lengths my readers go to to solve my little mysteries!